Buyer Beware when searching the internet for limousines for multiple transportation sites that are not local and don’t even own any vehicles. These savvy website designers use multiple tricks to appear on the first page of your search for limousines and attempt in fooling you into reserving with them. They use key words such as “Cheapest, Deals in your area, easy way to find limos, and many more… They also code in the names of all the local cities to appear to look their company look local when, in fact, you’re dealing with an out of town company often not even in your own state; some aren’t even located in the USA. Even worse, these companies are not even in the limousine business, they don’t care about rules and regulations, or your safety. They are pros in the internet marketing business. In most cases, they will take your money and hire the cheapest company they can find even a state away to try and pull off your trip. In many cases, wrong vehicles show up, the wrong color, wrong size, and much older vehicle then their eye-catching stock photos advertise.  You may have hired a party bus and you get a school bus or even worse your vehicle doesn’t even show up.  How do we know this?  We know this because we receive numerous calls throughout the year from consumers asking for help at the last moment because of the concerns mentioned above. Wrong vehicle, size, or no show, etc. At that point there’s not much we can do to help the consumer.
It simply comes back to the old saying, “You ALWAYS get what you pay for”.  Don’t be fooled by these limo company imposters. Do yourself, family, and friends a favor and insist on visiting the company office. There you can deal with someone in person and inspect the vehicle you are thinking about renting. Don’t simply trust pretty pictures and low prices on the internet because you just might fall into their trap and really learn the hard way on your special day.

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