Brides Don’t Be Fooled On Your Wedding Day




Brides don’t be fooled on your wedding day when booking your limousine transportation by some low price tricks some competitors use to lure you in. Spend a few minutes now and investigate the company your considering booking for your special day before it’s too late.  MOST IMPORTANTLY go and visit the company in person and inspect the vehicle inside and out, get a feel for the overall business and their management team. Always insist on a contract to help protect you against a problem, Be very Leary of a company asking you to pay all or your balance in cash because you will be giving up your right to dispute a charge if there is a problem. You may also want to visit the BBB online at and review the company’s rating and list of complaints before it’s too late. You don’t want to find out on your wedding day that you saved a few dollars but you’re not getting what was promised to you earlier or even worse a NO SHOW.

There are hundreds of stories out there of brides finding out the hard way at the last minute that the best price service they hired months ago is now turning into a true nightmare.  Our office alone has received way too many calls on the brides wedding day that their so called limo company has cancelled them or will not be arriving due to some lame excuse. There’s not too much anyone can do on a minutes notice. So Brides don’t be fooled on your wedding day and do your homework now to avoid a limousine company turning your special day upside down.


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